Alberta’s Research and Innovation System

Research and Innovation in Alberta

Are you looking for that place in the world where energetic and visionary people believe in new frontiers, where a science and research culture is thriving and celebrated, where entrepreneurialism is a natural and nurtured part of a diverse economy and society? A place where you can grow, achieve your goals and benefit from a supportive community of experts? Where you can work among the best and the brightest? Where you have the freedom to create? Alberta’s policies are designed to let opportunities flourish. This foundation provides the infrastructure and environment to attract highly qualified people looking for the best place to work, live and do business. Increased integration of the global economy presents abundant opportunities for Alberta, and we are committed to ensuring that our province remains viable and attractive for investment in the global knowledge-based economy.

  • An innovation services portal, Connectica,  a value-added single point of contact, making it easier to collaborate and connect with us
  • Alberta Innovates, a new realigned research and innovation system
  • Access to world-class research and commercialization infrastructure
  • Access to people with specialized expertise
  • Capacity to make leveraged investments in R&D 
  • An environment that facilitates flexible collaborative relationships

Working with a solid base in areas like nanotechnology, genomics and information and communications technology (ICT), Alberta is leveraging its strengths. We also support a number of programs that provide various forms of research funding.

Science of Solutions

Alberta has a long history of a can-do attitude and research and innovation focused on solutions. Alberta is where diabetes research took a giant leap forward and where internationally recognized products like the SMART Board, Quick-Tax and Cold-fX were developed.