Science Awareness and Engagement

Science encompasses many aspects of our daily lives. Our society is becoming more technology driven and there are many instances of science in our daily lives. Scientific and entrepreneurial development affects the way in which society evolves.

We can’t make the breakthroughs or commercialize applications that will ensure our future prosperity without providing Albertans with the solid foundation and basic understanding of science, and its universal importance.  That is what makes outreach and engagement absolutely critical to our future prosperity.

Efforts to create and nurture a passion for learning, creativity, technology and innovation can be characterized as an investment – an investment of time, money, and expertise.

Alberta needs these investments to keep science at the forefront of our future.  Outreach efforts will help people to dream the big dreams, inspires new ideas, and help see that Alberta is the place to make those ideas become reality.

Encouraging students to recognize the possibilities in science, technology and research, support affordable, accessible post-secondary learning opportunities in established and emerging fields of study, and helping Alberta’s small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises to compete in world markets provides tangible returns such as developing a skilled workforce; building prosperous companies in diverse sectors and creating vibrant communities.